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This is a music bot for your Discord Server

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What is Doppler?

Doppler is a Music for for discord

What are the commands?

Simply type "@Doppler help" in a text channel and it will tell you

Web Dashboard?

Doppler has a separate website where you can view the current music queue! In the future you will be able to control the queue from there!

How does it work?

Doppler will join your voice channel when you request it and play music to you from Youtube as if it were speaking to you in that voice channel

Does it support Spotify

Doppler does support spotify to an extent, you can play track links, but not playlists. You can also tell it to grab the spotify track you are listening to, providing you have the discord spotify status enabled

Can I make a suggestion?

Yes! Head over to our support server and get the "Doppler" role, you will now have access to the suggestions channel under the "Doppler" Category

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